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Product management creates winning products

Product management is a pivotal role for both new startups and mature companies. The purpose is to insure products are created that meet a market need at the right time. Product management not only manages the internal release process for a product, but also interfaces with external customers and the market to gather, evaluate and prioritize feedback. This process happens before Product 1.0 is created through Market Validation to understand if customers will buy and what their buying drivers are. As the company grows and scales, product management needs to be in place to insure a solid product direction and vision guides what the engineering team is working on and that all products fit with the company strategy and position.

The product management process is put into place by working with the company managers and functional teams. It is not a process for the sake of process, but rather 'checks, balances, and ownership' that insures that a product direction is lead and driven.

Product management is essential to the success of a product -- and a company. It dovetails with product marketing and depending on the size of the company, is often done by the same person, or team.

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