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Because of the broad range of deliverables that can come out of a market strategy engagement, specific timeframes and priorities are scoped in the client proposal. Most likely, several of these can be in process at the same time during our engagement.

Please contact us for a detailed description of each of the tasks and deliverables.

Typically, a market strategy engagement includes:

Market situation review
Market segment review
Product review
Company review
Competitive review
Value chain creation
Company Position
Market Priority and Driver Analysis
Market and Product Roadmap

Client Customized Deliverables

The results of the market strategy process are used as the basis for numerous documents and a wide range of potential deliverables and activities.  Market strategy development is an ongoing process that must be iterated on based on market feedback, so deliverables will often be started, and completed to varying degrees based on the time frame of the engagement, previous work completed by the company (for example, market size numbers from third party research or customer input), and staffing available. The deliverable priorities are determined with the client and will vary based on the specific proposal.  The format of deliverables will be documents, presentations, outlines, and spreadsheets.  Below are examples:

Full Market Validation
Product demos
Business plan
Competitive report
Messaging outline
Marketing organization design and budget
Marketing Strategy
Two-day Intensive Strategy Workshop
Go To Market Strategy
Partnering Strategy

executive summary
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